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Client Testimonials

Below are a number of testimonials received about my group workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions:

"The best life coaching lesson l have experienced so far." - Lola, Jan 2023 

"I attended the livestream YouTube talk you did a couple of weeks ago - I can't thank you enough! My mindset has changed for the better, I feel and am more confident and have had lots of wins since thinking differently and tangible results. Absolutely loving this new way of being and working on it daily. Much happiness to you." - Natalie, May 2022

"Thank you so much for your clear talk. I really loved how you clarified the steps to think more positive instead of just saying 'think positive thoughts'." - Meetup Viewer, March 2022

"I am writing to let you know how helpful (your work) has been for me. It has changed the way I think about life." - Alison, Havant - UK

“Earlier this year I felt super anxious all the time. Nothing was going right. I guess you could say I had hit rock bottom. Stephen (Mr Happiness) introduced me to the concept of meditation - just 15 minutes twice a day that I could do when waking up and going to sleep. I’d heard of it before but hadn’t given it serious thought.

It was hard at first but slowly I started to feel better. My work colleagues noticed I was calmer as well. The turning point for me was September. I started to make my targets at work. I also landed a new job and money started flowing to me from all angles as a result of me feeling so much more relaxed.

It doesn’t happen overnight – this all took me weeks of intensive regular meditation to get to this place. But I’m now loving life!”
- P, London 2019

“I tuned into your talk yesterday and am onboard now. Your on-point delivery with humour really makes things very clear and you emanate a strong energy across the airwaves...
I def pick up on your verve for what you are doing which is nice to sense. It really helps to listen and to focus my thoughts. Def need to be around more vibrant souls like you!” - Samantha, London 2022

"This workshop has exceeded my expectations, allowing a deeper insight into how to manage positive thinking, allowing positive emotion." - Male, age 16

"I’ve been on other courses before but nothing like this one. This was different to everything else; it was all about me. I wasn’t tested on anything." - Tom, age 22

"The teachings really make you take responsibility for your emotions and thoughts and shows you that you can be happy despite your circumstances." – Lisa, age 29

"An excellent, concise look at positive thinking – no jargon, backed with real evidence and made fun." -  Support Worker, aged 32

"I think it is very important for people to get the best out of life and most of us have not got the knack. One day with Stephen will help everyone to find their inner self." – Karen, age 44

"A great day. It’s given me a lot to think about and I know it will change my life and my perception of myself." - CEO of Local Youth Counselling Service
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