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But unfortunately the world doesn't tell us how to be.

And as many people are finding out: you can't buy happiness; relationships don't necessarily bring happiness; and in the workplace the concept of happiness can often seem elusive. So much of your life can be spent in a state of unhappiness!

To become a consistently happy person, you've got to awaken your consciousness. You need to become aware of the power of the thoughts you think and their connection to creating your emotions and your perception of reality.

The information presented in my coaching isn't taught in schools; it isn't on TV; a great many medical professionals don't know about it. And you won't read about it in the negatively focused press

So how do you get happy? And stay happy? This website and my coaching is designed to help you achieve that.

The world has been duped into believing that 'positive thinking' is the answer. Yet anyone who tries it still finds themselves feeling bad and feel their life is going nowhere.

The solution is positive feeling. Only when you begin to manage your mind and your emotions - so you feel relaxed, smooth, energised and happy in the moment - can you truly begin to move calmly through life with the genuine confidence and motivation to achieve effortless and joyous success.

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Your individual level of happiness is decided by the amount of positive energy you are allowing to flow through you on a moment by moment basis.

This is decided by the choice of thoughts you think.

The more loving and appreciative the thoughts you chronically think, the better you will feel. It's as simple as that! 



The benefits of knowing how to be happy - and most importantly how to stay happy - are enormous.

They include:

* Greater enjoyment of life on a moment by moment basis

* Improved attitude towards the self and the world - guaranteeing greater success in life

* Improved relationships and friendships

* Increased productivity and motivation - helping you achieve your aims and ambitions

* Increased energy levels

* Reduced sickness levels

* Greater resilience to the stresses and challenges of daily life

“Human beings are meant to be happy. Life works when you're feeling happy. And everybody knows this because when you aren’t feeling happy, life completely sucks!

Yet too many people are wasting their lives existing in a state of unhappiness.

With my coaching, the opportunity exists to make a fundamental change to the quality of your life.”


Stephen Surridge – Professional Happiness Coach