How To Be Happy And Stay Happy - Online Workshop #3

High self esteem starts with you. You give it to yourself.


How to change negative thoughts about yourself to more positive good feeling thoughts.

1) Do Meditation for 15 minutes first thing as soon as you wake up. It frees you from negative habits of thought.

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Intro - General Wellbeing - Financial - Physical Wellbeing - Relationships -

2) Every time you look in the mirror - compliment yourself

3) Regularly write a list of positive aspects about yourself

4) Gather together all the old photos of yourself and create a book of self love in honour of yourself. Or create a Facebook album of all these photos, celebrating your life to date

5) Celebrate you - start taking time out to honour you - have a bath, shopping trip for you. ‘Date You’ nights

6) Stop giving a rip about what other people think about you. If they are worth listening to, they will only ever compliment you :)