How To Be Happy And Stay Happy - Online Workshop #1

3 things to take away:

1)MEDITATION - You need do for 15 mins every day

Intro - General Wellbeing - Financial - Physical Wellbeing - Relationships -

2)Create a ‘Book of Positive’ aspects and continually add to it with lists of stuff you love. Key to this is letting yourself feel good as you focus on these. Without any feeling it’s not helping.

3)Become conscious of your primary influences - friends, media etc and see how they make you feel. And if it’s bad, reduce your focus time. Media is not fact, just opinion. Decide your own truth.

4)Take time to enjoy life - focus on what you love: watch fav films or TV, read, music, dance, paint

5)Look for the best in everything, not the worse. Choose to be happy and have fun.