Program Your Mind For Success

If you look at the people that are really successful, those that excel at a whole different level, those that are excited about everything they do, you will find one common factor… they all create their own environments.

They control their environment and create their distinctions.

For example, my screen saver says, “You are incredible.”

Somebody saw it and said to me, “You always do stuff like that to sell people.”

I replied, “That stuff is for me. It’s not for anyone else.”

I control my environment and I create my distinctions.

When I walk into an environment, I want to walk in and I want to know what I have.

If I go into your office, what do I see?

I see pictures of your children? I see a picture of your partner, or a picture of your friends... I see things that makes you feel good.

Or maybe I see some outdated pictures of your children, ones where they are a lot younger.

Any picture of your friends and family essentially are from the past.

And that’s great!

But what about the future? What about your goals? What about your dream? Are your goals up there? Are they in your office or at home? Are you dreams visible in either location?

Are you creating?

I’ve got pictures of things that I want.

Most of them there is no way I have enough time to attain.

I create my environment with pictures and images of my dreams and goals.

I surround myself with them.

I make them my passwords and type them every day.

I want to see these things all around me. I want positive things around me.

I surround myself with them.

That’s why I encourage you to read a book every week, or listen to audio programs…

Surround yourself with positive messages because that is the way that you’re going to be able to stay positive, and stay motivated and stay excited.

Become the most positive person you know.

Be positive even when everybody else thinks you’re crazy.

And when you are positive… take it up another notch!

Why not be that person?

Be the most positive person you know.

Be it every day!

What can you do to up your positivity?

More importantly, what new distinctions can you make?

No matter what happens. Never give up on your dreams.

Ed J C Smith