1 Day 'How To Get Happy & Stay Happy' – The Teachings of Abraham-Hicks Workshop


Date: Saturday 8th September 2019
TIME: 10am to 6pm (8 hours)
Cost = £95.00 per person

LOCATION: Nursery Theatre, 6th Floor Capital House, 42 Weston Street, London, SE1 3QD

(3 mins from London Bridge tube station)

Suitable for ages 16 years+

Maximum of 15 places


"You can either enjoy life or endure life - it's your choice"


Living Life Larger is excited to announce the very first of its interactive well-being workshops. Scheduled to take place four times a year, these workshops are designed to complement the show’s online episodes, helping individuals consciously and powerfully take control of their own well-being.


The benefits of knowing how to be happy - and most importantly how to stay happy - are enormous. They include:

* Greater enjoyment of life on a moment by moment basis

* Improved attitude towards the self and the world - guaranteeing greater success in life

* Improved relationships and friendships

* Increased productivity and motivation - helping you achieve your aims and ambitions

* Increased energy levels

* Reduced sickness levels

* Greater resilience to the stresses and challenges of daily life


Teaching the powerful happiness techniques of Abraham-Hicks, this intensive immersive practical workshop is designed to empower individuals, making them aware of simple drug-free tools and techniques that they can apply to their daily lives to effectively manage their own happiness levels and mental health.


Many people know of this information but they aren't applying it to their lives. We will help you do this.

Taught by Stephen Surridge - the lead presenter and Executive Producer of the well-being Web TV show 'Living Life Larger' – Stephen has been a Professional Happiness Coach for nearly 10 years.


This fun, practical workshop will cover the following topics:


​* What is Happiness? And how do you know you’re happy?

* How to effectively manage your mental health - forever

* Understanding the mind and how it works

* Your relationship with you - are you secretly disappointed with life?

* How to stop stress - instantly

* Identifying what is stopping you being happy

* How to make your life and relationships work for you

* How to live in a world of dramatic contrast

* Happiness games - to get you feeling happy now!

* And so much more......

Full details about him and the show can be found at:­ &


This workshop is designed for:

  • Anyone looking to improve the quality of their life experience

  • People struggling with depression or anxiety issues

  • Managers, motivators and Life Coaches looking to improve their own personal, staff members, or clients productivity

To reserve a place on this course, please email us at and we’ll send you a PayPal payment link­. Our purchase via Eventbrite: see below. If you wish to pay by BACS, email us letting us know.

Places will be offered on a first come/first served basis.



This workshop cannot make you happy - only you have control over your own emotional state at every point in time. But it will make you consciously aware of how you can improve your emotional state, teaching you mental techniques and strategies to make yourself more consistently a happier person.


The techniques taught will require practise and patience - there is no quick fix McDonald's drive-thru solution. You will have to change your habits of thought to become a happier person.

Much of the workshop will involve practical exercises, group work and general interactive discussion.

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Individual 'Happiness Coaching' Available

Mr Happiness 2000 offers personalised 1-2-1 'Happiness Coaching' sessions at a cost of £65.00 per hour.


We will arrange a secure and private Central London location to meet with you at a time and date agreed between us. All staff have full Disclosure vetting.


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